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2015 Season For Denver’s Scariest Haunted Houses



The 2015 Season For Denver’s Scariest Haunted Houses, 13th Floor and Asylum, Runs From Mid-September Through Early-November

Back again for an eighth season, 13th Floor Entertainment Group brings Denver the two scariest haunted houses in town – the 13th Floor and the Asylum.

Hailed by Fangoria Magazine as “the #1 scariest haunted attraction in the U.S.,” the 13th Floor haunted house takes guests through a frightening tour of horror. Brave guests will learn just why the 13th floor is so often omitted from building plans – if they make it through to tell the tale.

The Asylum haunted house is Denver’s #1 rated haunted attraction. Back again, this 1800’s era themed “hospital for the mentally insane” has been taken over by the patients and prisoners. Tapping into some of our greatest fears, the haunted experience is a head trip that screams of its tortured souls inside the once orderly insane asylum.

Both haunted houses are owned and operated by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, a national company managing eight haunted houses across four states and five cities (Denver, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix and Chicago). “We are excited to bring Denver more screams and scares in 2015 with our two top haunted attractions, 13th Floor and Asylum,” said Chris Stafford, partner at Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group. “Each one is unique and guaranteed to deliver an amazing and entertaining way to celebrate the fall season.”

As the only company in the country to produce haunted houses on a national scale, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is able to secure Hollywood special effects artists and world-renowned haunted house set designers. And, get ready for new experiences at both haunted houses this year. The 13th Floor, located at 4120 Brighton Blvd. Unit C2 in Denver, and Asylum, located at 6100 E. 39th Ave. in Denver, feature all new attractions and characters for 2015, giving loyal visitors a new thrill this year

13th Floor New Attractions:
“Hallow House” – Tour the abandoned Hallow House, featuring Mr. Heykids, the “Undead Clown” at the 13th Floor Haunted House. Obsessed with creating the ultimate Halloween spectacle, Mr. Heykids would don his clown costume and face paint, inviting the passing children to tour the infamous Hallow House. That was until people began to go missing on Halloween and the town outlawed trick or treating, forcing Mr. Heykids to close the Hallow House forever. They say you can still hear the laughs of the clowns and the screams of children echoing from inside.

“Feral Moon” – Beware of the werewolves and vampires running loose in a cemetery on a distant hill overlooking the imaginary town of Blackmoor. The cemetery is filled with crumbling, cavernous crypts and tombs, and a century-old curse allowing the creatures of the night to roam freely and feed in the moonlight. On the eve of this full “Feral Moon,” werewolves will once again ravage the town of Blackmoor.

“Undead: What Lies Beneath” – Many levels beneath the research facility, you will find many creatures and beasts from past experiments: some failed, some mutated and some that have simply gone awry. The experiments dwelling below are growing restless. Despite all knowledge gained while conducting their research, the scientists have forgotten one important detail…you cannot simply kill the Undead.

Asylum New Attractions:
“Post Mortem: The Escape” – A virus continues to spread in the streets unabated. Perhaps the only way to truly learn how to tame the virus is to see how it takes hold of the living test subjects are needed. The virus has become fast acting and is now able to transmit from the dead to the living in a matter of minutes. If you find yourself trapped near those afflicted, whether living or dead, you must find a way out. The clock is ticking…

“Primitive Fear: Patient Alpha – The Super Soldier” – They were lied to. They were experimented on. They were left for dead and locked in the quarantine zone. Patient Alpha, the super soldier, and its mutated horde of undead drones, now run the quarantined town. Stay together and keep moving, rumors are there may be a key to survival and a potential cure in The Abandoned Asylum. Survival is our only hope.

“The Abandoned” – Their sickness was deemed untreatable- at least by the medical practices of the time. All resources had been exhausted and doctors were incapable of finding a cure. What could be done with them? They can’t reside with the unafflicted living. It seems the virus reacts differently with those deemed, “clinically insane”. The inner struggle exists between the sickness that wants to take hold and the power of an irrational mind. They must be kept locked away until a complete and final cure can be developed, but it could take years. They have lived in their fortress of solitude for decades, the inner battle continues, but one thing’s certain: they-have-lived. Societies’ misunderstanding could be the biggest mistake. Is the key to life found among The Abandoned?

Important Dates:
Friday, Sept. 18 – Opening night at 13th Floor

Friday, Sept. 25 – Opening night at Asylum

Friday, Sept. 25 – Sunday, Nov. 1 – Asylum operating dates
7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday – Thursday
7 p.m. – midnight Friday – Saturday
Special hours on Friday, Oct. 2 -3 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.)

Friday, Sept. 18 – Saturday, Nov. 7 – 13th Floor operating dates
7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. Monday – Thursday
7:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. during September
7 p.m. – midnight on Fridays through October
6:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. on Saturdays in October, except Oct. 3 6:30 p.m. – midnight
7 p.m. – 11 p.m. on Sundays, except Sept. 27 & Nov. 1 7:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 9 – National Haunted House Day (percentage of proceeds benefits “Don’t Be a Monster” anti-bullying program)


Ticket Information:
Pre-sale discounted tickets – on sale beginning Friday, Aug. 28, starting at $13 for a limited time

General Ticket Information –
Weekdays – $25.99 most weekdays except Fridays, $10 more for Fast Pass, $20 more for Immediate Access
Most Fridays and Sundays – $27.99, $10 more for Fast Pass, $20 more for Immediate Access
Most Saturdays – $29.99, $10 more for Fast Pass, $20 more for Immediate Access

For more information on 13th Floor Denver, visit For more information on the Asylum, visit


About Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group:
The 13th Floor and Asylum Haunted Houses, created by nationally recognized and award winning haunted house designers, will transport you to new levels of horror. In 2002, long-time friends and haunted house enthusiasts, Chris Stafford and Warren Conard, opened the Asylum and six years later debuted the 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver, CO. They have been featured by the Travel Channel, CNN HLN, MSN, USA Today, MTV, as well as various industry publications. 13th Floor is the only company and brand in the country to produce haunted houses on a national scale, with houses in Denver, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Chicago. Stafford and Conard’s haunting doesn’t stop there – they have teamed up with Jon Love and Dan McCullough at the House of Torment in Austin, TX with combined plans to bring more haunted house locations nationwide.

The 13th Floor Haunted House has drawn national acclaim, having been featured on the Travel Channel’s Making Monsters, ABC Nightly News, Headline News, the Travel Channel’s America Haunts television series, USA Today’s Top 13 Haunted House List, noted by MTV as Colorado’s Scariest Haunted House, and named AOL’s City’s Best for Haunted Houses (for Denver). Having started as the Nightmare Factory in 2002, The Asylum has been a top-rated attraction by since 2006 and was also featured as one of America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions on the Travel Channel, in addition to its recent ranking as #20 on the list of America’s Top 31 Haunted Houses in America’s Best Haunted House Directory. The Asylum and the 13th Floor also made the “Top 13” list in Hauntworld magazine for the last three years.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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