Black Sand

Movie Description:
A dark journey to an otherworldly coastal british town. When the moon is full and the time is right the locals engage in sacrifice.

Black Sand, an experimental short, watches as a music video, peppered with occult-themed horror. The short uses many horror tropes associated with the more “taboo” side of the Occult: human sacrifice, dark red hues, creepy animal masks, and fast-paced superimpositions and editing.

Director Aaron Jolly gives the film a bit of context:

It’s an experimental horror film that was filmed in Hastings, which also happens to be the last resting place of Aleister Crowley. A wonderful lady, Angel Rose, worked on the creative/costume side of things. I tried not to conform too much to the tropes of horror and attempted to make the film true to its location to give it some sort of realism and grounding in reality. The budget was microscopic, at around £150 I took aesthetic cues from “folk horror” films such as The Wicker Man but also from directors such as Dario Argento and Kenneth Anger.

Clocking in at only 11 minutes, Black Sand is worth a watch, if only for the atmospheric music and interesting visuals. The use of music and minimal dialogue definitely recalls Kenneth Anger’s shorts.

Aaron jolly

Aaron jolly

Release Date
September 2015


Written by Mitchell Wells

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