Curtis’ Return to Genre Tanks: “Scream Queens” Premiere Watched By Only 4,000,000 Viewers.


Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to the horror genre was cheered for and welcomed, even if it was on a teen FOX show called “Scream Queens.” The actress, who will forever be known for her role in the Halloween franchise, is the only actress in the show qualified to be hailed as a scream queen, but her star power alone was not enough to make adult horror fans tune in to FOX last night.

The two hour series premiere of “Scream Queens,” the new horror-comedy from Ryan Murphy, under-performed when looking at a show with a cast full of pop culture stars on a major network. The first two episodes averaged a meager 4,000,000 viewers for their debut. Shows usually see some sort of decline in their second week, so it looks like “Scream Queens” may be a failure across the board.

This is surprising to me because several characters were already killed off in the first two episodes, so there was a lot of blood amongst the pretty faces and comical sassiness. To put things in prospective, the premiere episode of “The Muppets” saw more than twice the amount of viewers than “Scream Queens” did.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)