YouTube Video Shows Mermaid Extraction from Lake in Poland

Now, to be clear, as a human being with a semi-functioning brain, I have zero faith in the existence of actual mermaids. I do, however, enjoy the world of cryptozoology and this video is right up my alley. Maybe it’s up yours, too.

Uploaded on September 24th by Polish citizen Julia Domagalska, the two minute YouTube video shows what looks like men in hazmat suits removing the body of a dead mermaid from a Lake near Warsaw. Because of the number of men in hazmat suits, you never get a good look at the creature, except for the lower half that looks like the infamous scale-y stomach and dual-fin in which mermaids so famously possess in all drawings and cartoons. I mean, what else could they be removing from a lake that would be that big?

Now, there are several things in this video that scream “HOAX!” First, the woman who recorded the video somehow had a steady-cam or tripod with her while walking through the woods. Second, hazmat and fire officials are there, yet there are no police men or other law enforcement personal there. Third, well, mermaids just don’t exist. It is kind of eerie, though!

Rumor has it this video was made as promotion for an upcoming television show, especially since Warsaw pretty much has a mermaid as its city mascot.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN