Beneath: The Coven – New Film Set for 2016

Beneath The Coven Poster #1 (Final)

Beneath: The Coven is the upcoming 2016 horror co-directed by Nathaniel Ingram.

PLOT: A teenage girl (Sky) and her pregnant mother (Samantha) move to a remote countryside after the recent death of her father. While putting away some things in the barn, she discovers a door leading underground. Little does she know, this door leads to the meeting grounds of a local coven. Once discovered, her behavior quickly shifts to not only mentally abusive, but physically to her mother. So, what’s the only way to break the sinister spell she discovers she’s under? Well, nothing more than to remove the unborn child from the mother’s womb, and sacrifice it to make the coven complete.

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Written by Blacktooth

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