Was The Jersey Devil Spotted in Galloway Township? Lol, No.


As someone who frequently reports on cryptozoology, I have to say that this picture is probably the worst case of “evidence” to ever be reported. It is so obviously photoshopped or a hoax toy thrown in the air. Being that I am a lifelong resident of The Garden State myself, I figured I’d take the time to educate my out of state readers on the legend of The Jersey Devil before supplying you with details on this report.

Deep within The Pine Barrens lived a woman named Mother Leeds. In the mid-1700’s people were very superstitious and Mother Leeds had already birthed twelve children when she was warned that the third would be a devil. On a particularly stormy night Mother Leeds went into labor and was assisted by her friend and midwife, but things didn’t go quite as planned. The baby was delivered and looked normal at first, but moments later the baby started to change, mutating into a beast that looked like the combination of a horse and a bat. Standing upright on two legs, the creature killed the midwife and flew off towards the nearest village, where it circled ominously before heading deep into The Pine Barrens. A priest performed an exorcism to cleanse the city, but upon his death the creature began appearing again. Since then there have been hundreds of sightings.

On Tuesday, October 6, Dave Black of Little Egg Harbor Township was driving home just before sundown when he saw something strange. At first, he thought it was a llama running in and out of the underbrush on Route 9 in Calloway, but when the cryptid spread its wings and took flight – he knew something wasn’t right. He was able to whip out his smart phone and snap a couple of pictures; although the only one that was view-able has been provided above. The full story is available on

Some people think the photo shows an owl swooping off with prey and the image is a trick to the eye. Some people think it’s The Jersey Devil himself. I, however, say it’s nothing more than a hoax. Hoax hoax hoax hoax hoax…

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN