The Latest Sire: Lia Scott Price Releases Fifth Issue in Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series.

cb5largecoverforwebLia Scott Price’s New Comic Book Release: Vampire Guardian Angels: “Rule of Blood” (Issue 5)

Back in 2012, horror author Lia Scott Price created her first comic book project, the Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series. It’s a horror comic written by Price, who gave a fresh, original and disturbing new twist to the vampire genre. In the comic books, drawn by artist Andrew Setter and colorist Chad Hammontree, Price has essentially created a new breed of vampire: guardian angels who have been bitten by, and turned into, vampires, but who are still guardian angels, and who still have to respond to prayers, making them a kind of evil vampire-angel hybrid serial killer. However, they can only be summoned by those who pray for help to a guardian angel. Price’s terrifying vampire is, in short, a guardian angel who’s turned deadly, and eats you instead of helps you. But it’s also a comic book that aims to feature vampires as the classic brutal, vicious, merciless, bloodthirsty, violent, and gory monster.

Now, in 2015, there are currently five completed and published issues in the series. “Rule of Blood” is the 5th, just-released issue this year. In the 5th issue, a mysterious virus is attacking both humans and Vampire Guardian Angels. Janos, their new ruler, must find a cure. He sets up a “breeding program” to repopulate his breed and provide virus-free humans for food, while he and the angels battle it out for leadership over humans and each other. Price also plays a character in the series. It’s a bloody, gory series done in black and white crime-noir style with splashes of bright red for bloody effect.

Issue 5’s initial release was online and is currently distributed through Amazon and Amazon Kindle. On Halloween, Price will hold the issue’s main book signing in Booth 749, West Hall, LA Convention center at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2015.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)