Trisha Paytas, Richard Grieco and Shane Dawson to star in Viral Video 2.


Now this is a Halloween tradition I can get used to.

2015 has been another monumental year for YouTube starlet turned entrepreneur Trisha Paytas. She’s certainly come a long way since being the girl who made numerous appearances on docu-series and television talk shows. This year alone her YouTube channel passed 2,000,000 subscribers, she released her eighth book “How To Get Internet Famous,” and she embarked on the start of her music career after releasing three EPs – “Fat Chicks,” “Superficial Bitch” and “Under the Covers.” The first two EPs charted in the top 30 and top 40 on the iTunes Pop Albums Chart.

Still, I’ll always remember Trisha Paytas as the girl who was the fourth contestant kicked off in the second season of Stan Lee’s “Who Wants to Be a Superhero,” the girl who loves horror movies and the girl with an infatuation with Quentin Tarantino. I was thrilled last October when Paytas announced that she was producing and starring in a short horror film that would later become Viral Video. Viral Video – which I have provided for you below – followed Paytas at a signing for her latest book release (at the time, “31 Nights of Fright”), when she is attacked and abducted by a stalker played by “21 Jump Street” star Richard Grieco. When she wakes up, Paytas is able to escape the clutches of the madman but a long chase ensues as he pursues her through an abandoned building.

Last night I was scrolling through Instagram (follow me: mgdsquan) when I saw a particularly interesting and exciting picture from Paytas. It appears that she is producing a sequel, tentatively titled Viral Video 2. The picture shared on her Instagram page was a collage featuring Paytas looking out a window in lingerie with three small screenshots below it. One of the screenshots revealed that Richard Grieco will be returning to the sequel. Something tells me he’s returned one year after their first encounter; before he was looking for love… now he’s just looking for revenge… and anyone else surrounding the YouTuber is technically in slashing distance.

Short film director Andrew Vallentine (EON, Haunting Ethan) has taken over the reigns from Kale Flowers on Viral Video 2. He also has another short film, The Storybrook Killer, in pre-production. Paytas and Grieco will once again star alongside alternative talk show host Daniel Sulzbach of “The Drunken Peasants,” New York Times Best Seller and YouTube Icon Shane Dawson, and Corey Olenick. I hope Olenick plays Paytas’ love interest so we get to see some skin. Sorry, not sorry.

Viral Video 2 is set to premiere on YouTube on October 23, 2015. A trailer is scheduled for release tomorrow.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)