Midian Entertainment Begins Development on The Breed’s “Midnight Carnival.”


Midian Entertainment Begins Development on The Breed’s Midnight Carnival

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – January 12, 2016 – Midian Entertainment’s CEO, Raymond Wade Jr., today announced the official start of development for the second film from The Breed paracosm entitled Midnight Carnival.

The Breed is a multimedia cross-universe horror production that spans not only films but tabletop and video games, graphic novels, clothing and other tangible merchandise.

“We are thrilled to officially begin development on this second film,” said Raymond. “With the latest progress on our first film Feeding on Fear, we felt it was time to start working on the next chapter of the Breed universe.”

In an effort to release Breed films within six months of one another, Midian Entertainment hopes to begin actual production on the second film shortly after they wrap filming on Feeding on Fear later this year.

“If we want to follow the examples of other popular cross universe productions like Marvel and DC Comics, then we must be ready to immediately jump into production of another film shortly after completing Fear,” said Raymond. He continued by saying, “We’ve been beating around concept ideas for this film for a while now. We’ve have had a script written and made some preliminary casting choices, but that’s as far as we have gotten until now.”

Midian Entertainment’s CEO cryptically stated that they plan to use Midnight Carnival to introduce a sizable portion of The Breed’s universe of creatures and characters while providing some background on how these characters came to exist within our world.

Raymond went on to say, “This is a film designed to prey on everyone’s fears. You’ll see all types of frightening creatures in this film; werewolves, demonic clowns, goliaths, etc., but it will also explain a lot from the prior movie and lay the foundation for the following films.”

Raymond Wade also released the name of one of the cast and characters in the film; namely Michelle Shields (Frankenstein: Day of the Beast, Post Mortem, America 2021) as Adria and Jason Crowe (The Zombie Movie, The Hospital) as Trixter, but stated other well-known personalities have been in talks to star in the film as well.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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