PLNKTN’s New “Bride of Frankenstein” Inspired Music Video – Soma Holiday.


Music Video World Premiere From SXSW Award-Nominated Director
Aporkalypse Productions presents: PLNKTN’s “Soma Holiday”
VIMEO LINK: Soma Holiday
A lonesome man, decaying in solitude, attempts to reconstruct his deceased wife and rekindle the vitality of love.

PLKNKTN (Music): PLNKTN is a music producer hailing from the sunny beaches of western Los Angeles. Despite his pleasant upbringing most of his songs tend to be about existential despair. His eccentric musical style is best described as an amalgam of youthful bravado and nihilistic irony. He is the artistic love child of Trent Reznor and David Lynch. Also Jazz. Few people have ever seen his face, but PLNKTN can usually be spotted on various stages around the world playing the Jazz standard “All the Things You Are” in 7/4 time with a unicorn mask on.

ANNA ZLOKOVIC (Director): Anna is an LA-based indie filmmaker and alumni of the USC Film and TV Production program (class of 2014). Since graudating, her debut music video, “The Empty House”, for singer-songwriter Jack Kovacs, made its festival premiere at SXSW Film Festival in 2015. Her stylistic explorations in music videos have also greatly influenced her focus within narrative projects, lending to them a cinematic lyricism and spawning forays into experimental storytelling. She is taken with the dark and cerebral, delving into the deep psychological corners of characters. Besides film, she takes great pride in her aptitude for Jeff Buckley trivia.

APORKALYPSE PRODUCTIONS: Aporkalypse Productions is an independent entity dedicated to the creation of short & long form film, music video, and commercial production. Our distinct sensibility hinges upon the intent to tell stories that step into the unknown and bring new meaning to the familiar. Between Chaos and Wonder – we place ourselves on the progressive boundaries of the industry by synthesizing the minds of critical risk-takers to forge a path of innovation.

Written by Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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