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MALEVOLENT: The Animated Horror Film


MALEVOLENT is about a young woman named Miriam DeKalb (Dani Lennon, FearNet/Machinima’s BITE ME) who works for a non-profit which promotes global peace initiatives. When her billiionaire sociopath father Cyrus (Ray Wise) learns he is dying, Cyrus calls Miriam and her three siblings together to “discuss his will.” However, what he actually has planned is to pronounce judgment on them all. They are, in his view, traitors, and he has grisly death traps planned for each of them.

From the IndieGoGo Page:
We’re making something we think is pretty damn cool and unique — the first American 2-D animated horror movie. We’re super excited, and totally stoked to land our dream cast:


Help make the first American 2D Animated Horror Film–2#/

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