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Run From Sasquatch’s Sister in this New Jersey Event!


“10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty,” “Finding Bigfoot” and “Mountain Monsters” – all popular documentary series revolving around men and women on the quest to find the elusive half human/half ape legendary cryptid. To say that America has a bit of an obsession with the beast is an understatement, but if you’re one of thousands of people infatuated with the big, hairy giant and you’re in the South New Jersey Area, I have an event that’s worthy of your time!

Camp Edge, and its partner Ranch Hope, are hosting the inaugural Sasquatch’s Sister 5K Run on April 9, 2016. Here’s your opportunity to see bigfoot in person – or at least people dressed as bigfoot – as you enjoy the beautiful, winding trails of Camp Edge in Alloway, New Jersey. Sasquatch’s Sister 5K Run takes place one week after the fourth annual Sasquatch Night Trail Run, an event I competed in and thoroughly enjoyed. While runners of all ages and sizes are more than welcome to participate, this is definitely an intermediate course with a mild level of difficulty… whether or not Bigfoot is chasing you!

Registration fees for this event go directly to Camp Edge and its heartwarming goal: to provide children with the opportunity to attend summer camp and keep the camp alive so it can keep going forward as a sanctuary for children and adults to to grow closure to nature and experience adventure in the woods. Save $5 and register today online at:

Also make sure to follow the event invite on Facebook for further updates:

Sasquatch Sister’s 5K Run will be held on April 9, 2016 starting with the T-shirt/bib pick up at 7:00AM and the run beginning at 9:00AM sharp! Enjoy, guys! This event and Camp Edge are definitely HorrorSociety approved!

Written by MGDSQUAN

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