What Was Swimming in the River Thames?


The internet exploded yesterday after a cell phone video went viral showing a strange creature swimming and breaching in the water located inside the recognizable River Thames in southern England. Initially the video was uploaded to YouTube on March 27, 2016, but cryptozoologists didn’t circulate the footage until yesterday. The video has since gained over two million views!

Uploaded by YouTube user Penn Plate, the video is apparently taken from a cable car located near The O2 and shows something in the middle of the river. Tours of the river have recently skyrocketed with people anxious to see the monster, despite the area in the video looking less than inviting. The best part is, people are flocking without knowing just what they’re trying to see. It could be a whale. It could be a military submarine.

Or it could be a shotty computer generated image. You decide after watching the original video below!


Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN