Dave Sheridan Joins Cast of Animated Spaghetti Western Orient City.


From the press release from October Coast PR: 

Horror-comedy fave Dave Sheridan has joined the cast of dazzling spaghetti western samurai flick Orient City: Ronin & The Princess. Now being funded via crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (with less than a day to go), the hand-drawn samurai spaghetti western is the brainchild of acclaimed artists Ryan Colucci and Zsombor Huszka.

Orient City marks the third time Sheridan, best known for his performances in such films as Scary Movie, “The Walking Dead” and A Haunted House, has worked with Colucci.

Orient City: Ronin & The Princess is a samurai spaghetti western that mixes the characteristics of the American Wild West and Feudal Asia. An unforgiving place, Orient City is a vertical tangle of rock and skyscrapers interconnected with waterways and cable cars. The poor, quite literally, dwell at the bottom. At the center of it all is Boshi, a fallen samurai who has sworn to protect a young girl whose family has been assassinated. Together they head to Orient City for one thing… revenge.

“I have worked with Dave Sheridan on two projects now, the music film With You and my feature White Space which is in post, and he was able to play such wildly different characters”, says Colucci. “Looking back over his films, he has such range and I believe he can inhabit any character he pours himself into. Fans of his may already realize this, but Dave Sheridan is seriously under-rated outside the comedy/horror world.”

While Orient City: Ronin & The Princess has officially been funded – hitting it’s 30k goal with a day to spare – creators stress that the more coin they generate in the campaign, the better the film will be.

Kickstarter Page:

Michael DeFellipo

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