Sadistic Eroticism (Review)


Director – Alex Powers (American Slasher)
Starring – Kirsty Hill (A Haunted House 2), T. J. Akins (Dysmorphia), and Michael Q. Schmidt (John Dies at the End)
Release Date – 2012
Rating – 2/5

Tagline – “What did you learn at school today?”

I love no budget horror full of wacky characters and tasteless humor.  I grew up on the horror classics like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, the Universal monster movies, and the Evil Dead trilogy.  However, things changed when I first watched Toxic Avenger.  From that day forward I was obsessed with the horror that focused on crazy, out of this world stories and not just creatures terrorizing teens on make out lane.  I wanted killer condoms, tentacles coming out of vaginas, puppets fucking in showers, and any other random act of insanity that you can cram into an average length film.

Sometime ago my friends over at Wild Eye Releasing sent me several films to check out.  Among the pile of DVDs was a copy of the 2012 horror comedySadistic Eroticism.  The DVD looked awesome and featured artwork from Devon Moorehead.  I was very curious how this one would turn out so I tossed it in the second I had an opportunity.  Thanks Wild Eye for sending another one my way!


**Spoiler Alert**The film takes place in Chastity High where the kids are taught strict Christian values by the staff.  The principal is a bdsm freak who loves the younger men, the female teacher is older and hates her job, and the janitor is somewhat psychic.  The kids history teacher suffers a fall when the she slips on some lube that one of her students used on her dildo.

They then get a new substitute teacher and she is unlike any they have seen before.  Their new teacher preys on the sexual energy of her promiscuous students to keep her youthful beauty.  As the students fall prey to her sexual charm it is up to the school’s outcast to stop her before she gets her hands on everyone in school.**Spoiler Alert**

I love Wild Eye.  I really do.  Hell, I even went as far as to have their old logo tattooed on my arm.  I pretty much enjoy every film they have ever released with the exception of just a few but sometimes they release one that leaves me wondering what they were thinking.  Sadistic Eroticism is one of those times.

The acting in this one is atrocious and not even in a funny, cheap horror film kind of way.  As I stated earlier, I love Troma films, as well as, the works of Chris Seaver, Mike Hartman, and so many more that create characters to be bad just for the sake of being bad but the acting in this one is just horrible.  The cast has no volume control or idea of where they are going with their dialogue.  They just spit or yell their dialogue out at one another which does not sit very well with the viewer.  It was painfully clear that they had no direction when these scenes were being filmed.

The story for this one has potential but is unable to capitalize on the story they are working with.  An indie horror film about a succubus staring Sophie Dee and this is the best you can do with it?  Execution was horrible and the running time needed trimmed down from the abysmal 2 hours that we get.  The story is too flat to have the finished product last that long.

Finally, those of you looking for blood and gore will need to look somewhere else to get your fix.  However, if you want to watch the extremely sexy Sophie Dee prance around half dressed then look no further.  Overall, Sadistic Eroticism is not the film for me and I would almost bet that it’s not the film for you either.  The movie has horrible acting, a poorly executed story, and no blood or gore.  Skip it.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.