Rogue Records to Release FALLOUT 4 Mod ‘Rogue Radio’


It started with a small idea from a small indie publisher but the Rogue Radio mod for Fallout 4 is currently under development and looking to be released cross platform in July.
Rogue Records America crossed over into the digital media of video games earlier in the year with their ARK Survival Evolved mod Thieves Island, loosely based off the San Francisco rock band Amongst Thieves but with this upcoming radio station mod Rogue Radio for Fallout 4, Rogue is planting a flag in the video game world and looking to expand its game side with this Fallout 4 mod.
Rogue Radio will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will be a mod that anyone with the game can download for free. Once downloaded, the players Pip Boy will have the Rogue Radio station in their Radio list playing the best heavy metal and hard rock. The radio station will feature all of Rogue’s artists as well as many other National and Emerging artists.
“We saw that the opportunity was not only there for OUR artists, but we had room to add other artists. Bands we admire and bands who wanted a chance to increase their reach to hopefully obtain new fans,”  says a spokesman for the label.
The mod will feature 44 songs by 38 bands and have 2 DJ’s each with their own style and playlist. Johnny Rogue is the 1st Dj, a survivor from the publisher (the actual real life internet mascot for the publisher) who has started to go insane and Fearless Jes Fama played by Jes Fama of the Radio Podcast Almost Fama.
The publisher will be posting in game footage of the development on its YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages if anyone wants to follow along on the progress and get a sneak peek.
The Bands on Rogue Radio (Bold = Rogue Records America artist)
Amongst Thieves
Astral Display
Lies of Nazca
Means End
Devil Driver
Black Crown Initiate
Shattered Sun
The Five Hundred
Dead Label
Dark Sun
Humanity’s Last Breath
Shattered Skies
Meta Stasis
Downfall 2012
Binary Code
Ghost in the Machine
A Mirror Hollow
All Hail the Yeti
Vagus Nerve
Heaven Below
Hillbilly Herald
Midnight Satellites
The team at Rogue are hard at work putting the mod together and are hoping for a release in time for the 4th of July. “We are aiming for the 4th but we have to take a few things into consideration, like compatibility on all platforms. Testing is what will take the longest on here but we need to get it right so everyone can enjoy what we have done.”
For more information on the ROGUE RADIO Fallout 4 mod, please visit Rogue’s social sites.  (Run by the Johnny Rogue persona)

Written by Blacktooth

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