Crypto: Did the Remains of Nessie Wash Ashore on Wednesday?

No, they didn’t. Shocker…


I can take a single glance at this picture and tell, without any doubt, that it’s a hoax.

On Wednesday, June 29th, a woman was walking her dog along the banks of Scottland’s Loch Ness when she came across the remains of what many are saying belong to the fabled Loch ness Monster. The skeletal remains started to circulate earlier this evening and have since gone viral.

Half of the people want to believe that it belongs to one of the most elusive cryptids of all time and the other half of people believe that it’s a hoax.

Here’s several things I find wrong with the photo. First, the bone structure in the neck isn’t like any other on the planet and couldn’t support the weight of the muscle and bone that would surround it. The body is also way too small to support any time of deep sea swimming and it certainly isn’t big enough to flip any boats. Finally, how is all the skin and muscle gone, yet all the organs remain… intact?

HOAX! And not even a good one…

Interestingly enough, though, Gary Campbell of The Loch Ness Monster Sightings Registry reports that there has already been five eyewitness reports of Nessie in 2016, with the bone remains now being the sixth, making this year the busiest for the supposed living dinosaur since 2003.


Written by Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)