‘Shark Island’ Brings the Movies to Your Coffee Table.


This is the type of board game horror fans can really connect with, as long as there aren’t any tornadoes involved. I can foresee many nights spent together – playing Shark Island with your best friends, beer and/or wine in hand, and Jaws playing for ambiance in the background.

Developed by Richard Launius and Pete Shirey with publisher Upper Deck Entertainment, Shark Island is a new board game that allows you to bring the shark attack subgenre of horror film into your home – even during family game night! Created for two to five players, Shark Island sees an island resort terrorized by a great white shark. One person must play as the man-eater while three to four others play as hunters tasked with bringing down the massive predator.

All is not as simple as it sounds, however, since the shark can lay in wait and attack at random, surprising the hunting players before they’re ready. And not to exclude the SyFy Channel fans from the board game, Shark Island also makes it possible for the killer to pick up special abilities to aid in its bloody vengeance.

Look for this in early 2017!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)