You’ve Never Heard the ‘Halloween’ Theme Like This Before…


Halloween season is such a special time of the year. Horror fans get endless opportunities to see their favorite films on television, candy corn flows like M&M’s at an old folks home, and creative artists showcase their work in any medium as sacrifices to the gods of the harvest. One such artist is Angela Pritchett, who you may know from films like The Gnome Before Christmas, the Plan 9 remake, Porkchop II and The Thicket – currently in film festivals. Pritchett is also a writer/director, special effects artist, cosplayer, short story author, pug enthusiast and musician – a ukulele musician, specifically.

Debuting her ukulele skills to the world, Pritchett has unveiled the music video for her cover of the Halloween Theme made famous by John Carpenter in 1978 with his iconic Michael Myers movie. Carpenter is currently touring the world while enjoying three chart topping albums of original and remixed thematic tunes, so it looks like he and Pritchett are now linked by something other than their love for the world’s greatest slasher. Oh, and the music video was shot on location at The Myers House replica in North Carolina.

The video was filmed and edited by Jacob Paris of Type Forty Productions with Robert E. Thomas on synths and audio cleanup. Maya Preisler served as on-set photographer and the Michael Myers costume was supplied by Jennifer Samedi. Go get em, Angela!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)