Horror Thriller OBSERVANCE Now Out on VOD: iTunes, Amazon Video, VUDU, Dish & More


The chilling psychological horror thriller OBSERVANCE, released on DVD and Blu-ray last month, is being released on many premium VOD platforms today.

Critics have said…
“Visually stunning” – HorrorTalk; “solid thrills” – Rock!Shock!Pop!; “confounding as it is intriguing”  –  Flickattack; “sinister” – 10kbullets; the most unsettling independent thriller in recent memory…made for educated movie buffs.” – DoBlu“A gripping study of encroaching paranoia” Rue Morgue; “imagine REAR WINDOW’s scenario with a dash of Polanski and a sprinkle of Lynch” – FamousMonsters;  “leaves viewers with plenty to think about after the credits roll’ – Film Monthly; “remarkably unnerving” – BloodViolenceandBabes; “the style of Brian De Palma mixed it with Alfred Hitchcock” – Wicked Channel; “mind-boggling” – Cryptic Rock; “Indie horror at its best’ –; “You kinda feel like taking a shower after watching it” – LeglessCorpse“well-executed psychological horror film.” –; “a thoroughly chilling horror” –; “a cleverly paced ride into madness.” –

Observance is now available on premium VOD outlets including:

Written by Blacktooth

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