Hailed as “Poisonous and Perverse,” Darren Field’s Vault of the Macabre is on Sale in The UK.

41btx-mit9lAlthough Halloween season has officially come to a close, it’s always a good idea to enjoy a last bit of horror before we enter the time of grand feasts and white winter wonderlands. If you’re a reader, Darren Field’s collection of poem short stories comes highly recommended, both from me and a little guy you may have heard of… Clive Barker. Barker is most known for writing and directing Hellraiser, developing the franchise and other installments along with the Candyman saga, and creating 1990’s Nightbreed. A published artist and author himself, Clive had this to say about Vault of the Macabre:

“These poems are a toxic miasma, their sickly wit mingled with brutal horrors, inviting a smile one moment and revulsion the next. Darren [Field] wears his familiarity with horrific fiction on his sleeve. The poems contain the unpredictable shifts of tone and sudden stabs of demented style that are more likely to appear in the ‘B movie’ than the main feature. Darren celebrates the odd and the outcast, the poisonous and the perverse. It’s a potent mix. He certainly has the skill to create tales of raw horror should he so wish, what he created here is unlike anything I’ve read before. His taste for the poetry of the freakish is a joy.”

Vault of the Macabre is available in the UK on hardcover and paperback. This collection of 37 Gothic poems is also noted for their slight amount of humor. Having been released in April 2016, this anthology is still killing it on the charts where it is currently seated within the top 1,600 poem pieces. With stories ranging from mysterious beasts to child horrors and everything in between, Darren Field welcomes you to the Vault of the Macabre. Dare to enter? Click here to purchase your copy. 

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)