‘Shut In’ is Shut Out of the Top 5 During Opening Weekend.

Photo Credit: Jan Thjs

Based on all the promotion I’ve seen, I think it’s a safe bet to say that Shut In is under-performing at the box office; though it still stands a chance at being successful. While Doctor Strange and Trolls held their #1 and #2 spots over the weekend and are poised to remain that way all the way until the all important chart on Friday, the biggest edition to the ticket charts is scifi-thriller Arrival. Sent to 2,317 theaters by Paramount, Arrival made $24,000,000 over the weekend in gross revenue. This is a little less than half of its overall budget, the number being around $62,000,000, and I don’t think it’s going to have a problem being a success. It should easily come in with $40,000,000 by Friday.

Shut In is proving to be far less of a success. The Naomi Watts horror-thriller took the #7 spot at the box office this weekend with a measly $3,700,000 in ticket sales. Though it was sent to only 2,058 theaters by EuropaCorp, Shut In received a ton of promotional and its overall budget is going to land somewhere around $25,000,000. It’ll be lucky to cross the $10,000,000 mark during its opening week when we finish out on Friday and it’ll struggle to make back any money if the trend continues. I haven’t seen anyone talk about this movie, so word of mouth is also a factor that’s killing its success. Let’s hope for at least a top 10 debut on Friday!

Top 7 This Weekend:
1. Doctor Strange – $43,032,000
2. Trolls – $35,050,000
3. Arrival – $24,000,000
4. Almost Christmas – $15,564,000
5. Hacksaw Ridge – $10,755,000
6. The Accountant – $4,570,000
7. Shut In – $3,700,000

Written by Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)