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Trashploitation – Making Out (Review)



Director – Henrique Couto (Alone in the Ghost House, Awkward Thanksgiving)
Starring – Titus Young Wolverton (It’s Your Fault, Primordial), Erin R. Ryan (Applecart, Watch This!), and Geoff Burkman (Scarewaves, Babysitter Massacre)
Release Date – 2016
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “They’re in love.  Probably.”

As I sit here with my family and thank about how crazy this year has been and how truly lucky I am to have my family I find myself not in the mood for a horror movie.  I want something a little upbeat and colorful.  After watching Henrique Couto’s Awkward Thanksgiving it was only fitting to turn this into a Couto double feature.  Earlier this year Couto released the romantic comedy Making Out.  I’m not a romantic comedy type of guy but I am a fan of Couto so I snagged a copy of the bluray from him at Cinema Wasteland.  It was only fitting to toss it in after Awkward Thanksgiving.


**Spoiler Alert** The film follows lonely screenwriter Charlie (Wolverton) who is having a hard time meeting girls.  He has been trying to land one using online dating sites but nothing worth while has popped up.  Things change when he meets actress Erin (Ryan) who is having a hard time meeting guys.  The two decide to use Charlie’s skills as a screenwriter to create the perfect scenarios and romantic situations that they can act out until they can find true love for themselves.

However, an unexpected side effect of this is that Charlie actually falls in love with Erin.  When she stops coming over to act out these live scenes he starts to miss her and when she sends a video invitation for her surprise wedding he feels heartbroken.  He sets out to crash the wedding and get the woman he loves but is this another scene or real life?**Spoiler Alert**

When it comes to romantic comedies I often find myself rolling my eyes at how absurd they are.  There is usually more romance than comedy which is something I am not that interested in.  I enjoyed most of Couto’s films but I went into this one with low expectations because I am that turned off at romantic films.  Lucky for me, Couto knows what the fuck he is doing and made one entertaining romantic comedy.

The acting in this one is fun.  We get a solid performance from Titus Wolverton.  He was great and really pulled at the viewer’s heartstrings.  Erin R. Ryan is brilliant as always.  She brings so much energy to any film she is in and continuously shows why so many great directors love to work with her.

The story for this one is fun and reminded me a lot of the schemes you would find in the plot of so many movies in the 90s.  I really enjoyed it and how much more comedy there was compared to the romantic aspect.  The film starts out with a bang where we get one hilarious moment after another.  This only lasts until the film’s halfway point and then the laughs are more spread out with the romance breaking it up.  The romance we do get is not that overly dramatic or boring.

Finally, this is another Couto film that lacks blood and gore but more than makes up for it with quick wit, some clever puns, and genuine laughs.  Overall, Making Out is a romantic comedy that anyone can enjoy.  The humor cut sharp and the acting is damn near perfect.  This is one I highly recommend.  Check it out.



Written by Blacktooth

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