Want to write for Horror Society? Here’s How.


Have you ever wanted to write about or report on the horror genre, including films, television, books, comics, video games, modeling, art and everything in between? Now is your chance to join one of the best sources for independent, and mainstream, horror on the internet.

Horror Society is looking to add one contributing writer to its staff list. We’ve gone through several changes in the last few weeks, and with all the unexpected journeys that life brings, we’re looking for one man or woman to join the team in keeping our readers as informed and on-the-ball as possible.

If you’re thinking about joining the staff at Horror Society, please make sure the following applies to you:

  1. We do not want old articles that have been published on other websites. We want new articles, written by you, discussing current films and events or current press releases that are unique to Horror Society.
  2. We are looking for something who is more interested in experience and opening doors than pay. We do not pay our writers for their work, although there are perks to working for this website.
  3. We are looking for someone who is loyal to the Horror Society and isn’t splitting their time between several other publications. We want someone who can contribute 4 – 5, or more with dedication, posts a week.
  4. We want someone who can write well and has an opinion. We’ve never strayed from controversial topics and debates. Your opinion is your opinion and we want to read it!
  5. Staff writer will not have any access to our social media pages and cannot serve as an official representative when commenting about matters at Horror Society.
  6. This will be a temporary position. If we find that you are not posting as much as you should be or are using your position for other means, you’ll be terminated. On the other side, if you perform to our expectations, you’ll be brought on as a permanent staff member and will get higher qualifications in the future.

If the above points apply to you, please email MGDSQUAN at to get a conversation started. Please title the email RE: HORROR SOCIETY STAFF POSITION and include your full name, age and location somewhere in the email so we can learn a little bit about you.

Also, we need an example of your writing style. Write a review of a movie, any movie, as long as it’s original and submit that. Or, do a mock write up of a fake movie and send that over. We need to know that you’re a serious, professional writer who can report for an award winning website such as Horror Society.

Looking forward to seeing who steps up!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)