Concept Media Sets New Thriller “Failing Grace” By Director Ryan Stacy

Concept Media is forging ahead with Failing Grace, a new suspense/thriller film by Ryan Stacy (Midsummer Nightmares, Ladies Night). The film is currently in the early stages of production, however a cast is locked & shooting is set to commence June 15, 2017.

The films stars Nikki Fioretti (Descending), Kelci C. Magel (The Sunday Night Slaughter) and Josh Miller (Nothing Good Ever Happens). Rounding out the principle cast are: Stacy Freeders (It’s Your Fault), Marylee Osborne (Primordial), Adam Atherton (The Wicked One), Ivana Sudduth (The In-Between), and Nick Alexander (Dollface). No other actors or roles were announced at press time.

“GRACE” will be the first feature length film from Ryan Stacy since 2014. The twisted tale of obsession  harkens back to the thrillers of the early-mid 90’s (FearBasic Instinct) but with an updated, modern edge.  At the time of this writing, Stacy commented that hiring a crew & location scouting will begin as soon as Concept Media wraps up their next production: Shawn Burkett’s female-led werewolf flick Betsy, shooting late winter/early spring of this year.

Official Synopsis: “Maggie Novak (Fioretti) is living the quietest life she can. She lives with her younger sister, Grace (Magel), and they keep to themselves. Maggie strives to ensure that Jack  Elligott (Miller) never finds them, should he return from his watery grave. Jack, Maggie’s ex-boyfriend, became dangerously obsessed with young Gracie. He was so far gone into his madness that he killed their parents and tried to murder Maggie…but she survived, Jack didn’t.  Or so she thought. Now five years later, a much older Grace and Maggie are about to leave town for a fun weekend with friends. But unbeknownst to the girls, Jack’s got them right where he wants them. He will stop at nothing until he gets his girl.”

The project will begin seeking additional financing over winter, coupled with private backing already set in place.  Currently eying a tentative release in September 2017,  production will take place in the greater Dayton, Ohio area.

Written by Blacktooth

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