Blu Review – Hobgoblins

Director – Rick Sloane (Blood Theatre, Vice Academy)
Starring – Tom Bartlett (Hobgoblins: The Making of a DisasterPiece), Paige Sullivan (Funny or Die Presents), and Steven Boggs (Hobgoblins: The Making of a DisasterPiece)
Release Date – 1988
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 4/5

Tagline – “Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it”

Late 80s and early 90s little creature features was a trend I would love to see come back.  Movies like Puppet Master, Child’s Play, Ghoulies, Critters, and so on are always fun to watch alone or with a group of friends.  There is a few of these types of movies that pop up here and there like Chubbies and Halloween Spookies along with the few still being pumped out over at Full Moon but that is about it.

Growing up I remember seeing a poster for the film Hobgoblins at the local video store but they did not have the tape for rent.  This was always a let down but that never stopped me from asking every week if he had got a new copy of it in.  Not long ago my friends over at Vinegar Syndrome released the film on blu.  I had to see it, just like so many of their other releases, and reached out to them.  They were kind enough to send a review copy my way.  Thanks guys!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Kevin (Bartlett) who just started his new job as night watch at an old studio.  The old night watchmen shows him around and warns him to never go in a certain area of the studio because it is dangerous but when someone is caught trespassing on the property they flee through this area.  When Kevin and his mentor investigate the area he is told that the area is where he kept strange alien creatures that he calls hobgoblins.  These creatures can turn your dreams and fantasies into reality but at a cost.  Now Kevin must stop the hobgoblins before they kill his friends and the one he loves.**Spoiler Alert**

I always knew I would enjoy Hobgoblins but deep down I knew it wouldn’t be a movie I would eventually get tattooed somewhere on my flesh.  I was right for the most part but the film was still entertaining.

The acting in this one is fun.  The cast has a lot of fun with their characters but there is times when they just seem lost with what is going on which makes some of the scenes lose some of it’s impact.  A little more experience and some direction would have went a long way in regards to the cast.

The story for this one is fun but something we have seen before but with some minor differences.  The first thing that comes to mind after watching this oddball monster movie was Critters which was released just two years before and featured strange aliens that crash landed on Earth.  The stories are similar in that respect but quickly set themselves apart with Hobgoblins having a psychological impact on the characters where they take them into their dreams and fantasies before killing them.  This was unique to say the least but also made some of the scenes a little confusing.  I feel as if these scenes could have been handled a different way to prevent the little confusion we do get.

Finally, those of you looking for blood and gore will not find any here.  However, if you want little creature mayhem then this film is perfect for you.  The blood and gore is replaced with little creatures that look great but they are not that functional.  We do not see their mouths moving or interacting with the cast but that is forgivable.  Overall, Hobgoblins may not be the best little creature film out of the last 30 years but no one can deny just how fun it is.  The film has some laughs and a solid enough story to hold over any horror fan.  The acting could be better but that doesn’t take that much away from the overall film.  Check it out.

Special Features:
2k Restoration
Hobgoblins Revisited Featurette
Hobgoblins: The Making of a Disasterpiece
Hobgoblins Invade Comic-Con
Reversible Cover

Written by Blacktooth

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