The Bizarre Art of Samantha Crowd Funding

From the press release:
“The Bizarre Art of Samantha”
Alexandria, is a shy girl from a small town. She is left almost by herself with barely any money to survive on her own. One day she gets a call that her grandmother is sick and is on the verge of being kicked out on the street, if she doesn’t pay her debt. Not knowing what to do Alexandria finds a flyer for a website offering money for a new type of entertainment. Instead of stripping her clothes on camera, she sheds blood and more in bizarre art videos made and paid for by the audience that is watching.
The indiegogo campaign is done to gather that last of what we need to begin filming. We want to bring some unknown and known talent to this project if we can and to the small short experimental videos that we will be making as an extra for the physical release! We have quite a few perks that will be going live including reserving a copy of either Cover A and/or Cover B of the limited 100 DVD copies, Official Posters, and even presenting the project!
You can check the official Facebook Page here:
The official production team Facebook here:
The indiegogo will go live Weds 1/11/2017 with the small minimum goal of $800! If we surpass the goal we will offer limited Blus, Extras in the packaging, Shirts and more! Check out the indiegogo and help if possible!

Written by Blacktooth

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