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Trashploitation: Sex Roulette (Review)

Director – Alan Vydra (Golden Girls: The Movie)
Starring – Christina Baer, Desire Bastareaud (Teenager in Love), and Anita Berenson
Release – 1978
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “…now, lets see how well you play this game”

After a couple horror films it was time to switch it up a little and review one of the newer releases from Blue Underground.  The film, 99 Women, is a women in prison film that I typically don’t enjoy with this film being the exception.  It was fun for the most part but left a lot of room for improvement.

After I watched that one I decided to sleaze it up and venture to an Impulse Pictures release for a little sexploitation.  The film, Sex Roulette, was a new one to me but the title definitely stirred my imagination.  I received this one some time ago but never really had interest in it to be honest.  However, after expecting a sleazy film and not getting it I found it fitting to only toss it in.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows the niece of a wealthy man.  She does not find sex interesting and prefers to play roulette at different casinos throughout the country.  Her uncle is the complete opposite of her.  He loves sex and indulges in it several times a day with different partners.  He quickly realizes that his daughter will gamble him out of house and home if he doesn’t find a way to get her to enjoy sex but this is a much bigger task than he expected.**Spoiler Alert**

I wasn’t expecting much from Sex Roulette.  I was expecting some sleaze with little story but I was wrong.  Surprisingly, the film had a very interesting story that had plenty of twists and turns.

The acting in this one was surprisingly well done considering it was a porn flicks of sorts at heart.  The cast shows a lot of enthusiasm with their characters and really makes them enjoyable.  I have seen so many of these films where the characters are flat, one dimensional representations of stereotypical people that people have seen before in countless films.  The cast does a great job breaking the cycle.

The story for this one is not your conventional sexploitation film.  The film actually has a story that it follows thoroughly while splitting each segment up with sex that still fits the plot to one extent or another.  This is rare among sexploitation films.  Most sexploitation films has the sex first and tries to make a story flow around it.  This makes this oddball film a lot more entertaining than the average porn with a plot flicks.

Finally, no blood and gore as you might have figured.  Instead, it is full of sexy women that hate wearing clothes.  Overall, Sex Roulette was more entertaining than I expected.  The story really hooked me and kept me guessing.  If you want a sexy film with a good story then check this one out from Impulse Pictures.

Written by Blacktooth

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