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Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Brings Sasquatch and Mothman Inspired Ales

West Virginia is a state rich in history and myth.  I was born and raised in this wild and wonderful state and over my 30 years of life I have heard some amazing stories based on the area ranging from Civil War stories to ghost tales told around the campfire.  The most common of these cryptozoological and paranormal stories are the Mothman of Point Pleasant and the apelike creature that has been spotted in countless locations like Cranberry Glades.

Back in the summer I stopped by one of my favorite local restaurants, Dirty Ernie’s, with my wife and went to order my favorite beer – the Mountain Mama which is made by another West Virginia brewery but I was informed that they were out.  The waitress then recommended that I try the Mothman Black IPA from Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company because she noticed my Mothman shirt.  I loved it and intended on sharing a post about it then but I forgot – I drank one too many that night.

Fast forward to today and I was out shopping at Target and spotted the Mothman Black IPA on the shelf.  I jumped at it and grabbed a couple cases when I spotted a Bigfoot inspired ale near it from the same company.  The quickest way to my wallet may be horror but cryptozoology and beer are tied for second.  I grabbed all I could grab and checked out.

Aside from the cryptid inspired ales, Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company also has an ale inspired by the West Virginia hellraiser Devil Anse known for his family feud with the McCoys of Kentucky.

For more info on Greenbrier Valley Brewing, merchandise, and spots where you can grab some of the tasty drinks head over to here.

Written by Blacktooth

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