Cast, Story-Line Overhaul: “Scream: The TV Series” to be Rebooted for Season 3.

I knew something was up with “Scream: The TV Series” when no new information about season three had hit the web by mid-March, considering the first two seasons premiered on MTV during the months of May and June. Production was, obviously, behind schedule… and now we know why. Sources started reporting last night that “Scream: The TV Series” will be seeing a major reboot for its third and possibly final season. This may come as a surprise to the slasher-drama’s couple hundred thousand fans as the Halloween special that aired in October opened up a brand new chapter for the teens of Lakewood High.

Now it seems that fans will never get an answer to those questions. It appears that Dimension TV and MTV Studios want to bring in a completely new cast for season three and follow a completely different story-line. This would make “Scream: The TV Series” more of an “American Horror Story” type of anthology than a series barely based off of Wes Craven’s Scream film franchise. Michael Gans and Richard Register have also left the struggling series, so it’ll be up to the new showrunners to decide what’s going to happen next. But, let’s be honest, was anyone that interested to see the Brandon James story-line get dragged through the mud again?

Sources even state that the show’s core actors have been given the green light to pursue other jobs during this interim; with main survival girl Willa Fitzgerald going as far as to land a supporting role in another reboot – FOX’s upcoming “Behind Enemy Lines.”

I was shocked to see “Scream: The TV Series” renewed for season three, even if it was just a six episode order. While the Wes Craven produced series had a somewhat solid season one in terms of viewership, season two saw a major dip with most episodes averaging about 350,000 live viewers. Maybe DVR and streaming numbers were high enough to justify a season three renewal? Either way, I think fans should be happy that a season three is even in consideration and longtime Scream fans – such as myself – can start hoping that we’ll see a real Ghostface character later this year.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)