This Horror Bobble Head Really Eats the Competition…

Do you collect horror merchandise and memorabilia? Do you like grotesque pieces of art that’ll make people look at you strangely? Or are you a big bobble head enthusiast? If you fall into any of the three categories I proposed, then you should seriously consider getting the official Knob Goblins bobble head. They’re limited edition and they’re a load of fun. By purchasing this bobble head, you also get a lot of other cool stuff from the team at  Cinema Fuel Productions including mini-posters, drink coasters and a DVD copy of the completed short film. All for just $70!

And did I mention that each Knob Goblins bobble head is hand crafted, signed and numbered by Tony Rosen of Infinite SFX – the guy who created the Annabelle Doll in The Conjuring and its spin-off Annabelle. There’s only four bobble heads left, so wrap your hands around this deal or give others a mouthful until they decide to buy one. Please contact the Knob Goblins Facebook page or Christopher G. Moore to secure your purchase of this one in a kind toy.

Knob Goblins is a multi-award winning short film that has screened internationally, from writer and director Christopher G. Moore. Starring Michael Williams, Yale Giffin, Christopher Houldsworth, Tom Gore and Jaysen Buterin, Knob Goblins follows a psych patent who is allowed to return to the basement of his childhood homestead so he can face his fears involving the death of his younger brother. Quickly, he comes to realize that his nightmares are based in reality and evil still lurks there.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)