Dante Pays Tribute to Turbonegro in New Video ‘Turbovixen!’

In ‘Turbovixen’ five denim clad women play a savage and frenetic dose of rock n roll to men solely devoted to them. The band’s singer undresses and spits at the camera. The guitar players kiss passionately. The drummer showers her bandmates in alcohol. Each one sports a different hat while they play balls out punk rock about fighting, sex, destruction and being fed up.

Each one of these women represents a member of the Norwegian death-punk band Turbonegro in their early days. In the late nineties, when Turbonegro was slowly but surely starting to become notorious, they used to play in desolated bars to few religiously devoted fanatics. Unknowingly to them at the time, every single one of these fans would multiply by the millions becoming one of the most devoted fan-base in the world called Turbojugend years later.

DANTE is releasing a new song off their album Gunblade Blues volume 2 every month of 2017. For their third track, ‘Turbovixen’ the band has chosen to tribute the Norwegian punk rockers and their fans both with imagery and video. Filmed in Bogota’s own Dynasty Bar, a legendary rock bar devoted to KISS in the band’s hometown, DANTE and the video’s director Nicolas Romero sought to recreate the Norwegian rockers early days of playing seedy bars and hard partying.

Recruiting a local band of cabaret women whom are also devoted rock n roll fans (diabolique cabaret) the band and the video’s director decided that given the sexual undertones of everything Turbonegro they should be represented by rock n rollin women ala The Runaways . “If Metallica can tribute Mayhem in a video, we thought it would be awesome that someone do the same for Turbo specially an underground band like us”. – says Alexx Black the band’s rhythm guitar player who came up with the idea.

The result, a blistering combination of infectious riffs and sexual deviance that tributes Norway’s finest export besides Black metal.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)