We All Wear ‘Masks,’ But These Sentient Facades from Charles Christman Really Kill!

Roberto Lombardi is one of the most adaptive actors in the business right now. He first came into my radar after starring as Freddy Krueger in Chris R. Notarile’s six part Nightmare on Elm Street fan-film series. He’s also popped up in The Happening, Maniac Cop, The Last Airbender, Paranormal Captivity and The Cemetery, and later on in 2017 you catch him in the short film trilogy – Masks. Created by Back2Ninety9 Productions and director Charles A. Christman as a featurette, Masks is officially unveiling its official poster and film festival trailer as it sets out to screen at a venue near you.

Comprised of the segments ‘Sentient,’ ‘Facade’ and ‘Exordium,’ Masks is described as a horror-thriller that will see two characters’ lives intertwining in a tale of torment, death and darkness. ‘Sentient’ follows two high school buddies as they meet up at a Halloween party years after graduation; only to be accosted by a man known as The Mask. ‘Facade’ will serve as a prequel to the first segment and viewers will see the murderous origin of The Mask. Finally, ‘Exordium’ takes us back to the present and finds the high school friends as their lives have been changed irreparably by The Mask. Is this their last showdown?

Roberto Lombardi will be accompanied on screen by Anthony Horton, Walter DeShields, Charles A. Christman, W. Keith Sgrillo, Christian Chase and Jesus M. Villanueva. Scott Perloff is credited as editor with original scores from Andrew Gerace. Keep up to date on this featurette and its future screenings by following it on Facebook:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)