Camp Motion Pictures Unveils New Ltd Edition Vhs At Mahoning Drive-In Theater Event

Independent home entertainment label Camp Motion Pictures announced it will release three films from its library of over 100 “B” and independent genre movies in a series of limited edition VHS cassettes at the upcoming Mahoning Drive-In Theater VHS Event scheduled for July 7 & 8 2017 in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

The upcoming releases will be limited to 50 copies each and includes the 1989 splatter-classic SLIME CITY (issued on an assortment of rare, colored VHS cassettes), 1997’s PSYCHO KICKBOXER starring 4x World Kick-Boxing Champion Curtis Bush, and 2013’s BABYSITTER MASSACRE, a micro-budget serial killer movie inspired by 80s slasher flicks.  To further mimic an actual 1980s VHS experience each will include trailers to other Camp releases, prefaced by a new promo featuring Lunchmeat Magazine Editor Josh Schafer (SEE IT HERE), who was instrumental in bringing the projects to fruition.

Guests at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater VHS Event include SLIME CITY director Gregory Lamberson, taking a rare moment off after post-production on his newest and most lavish feature JOHNNY GRUESOME and BABYSITTER MASSACRE director Henrique Couto.

The Mahoning Drive-in Theater and Lunchmeat VHS bring some of the rarest VHS titles to the big Big BIG Screen. Plus, they’ll be running rare VHS shows on the TVs all day at the Snack Bar plus vending VHS, DVDs and other cool stuff!

This event features ultra-rare screenings of:
•Video Violence (1987)
•Video Violence 2 (1987)
•Slime City (1988)
•Cannibal Campout (1988)
•Abomination (1986)
•Mutilations (1986)
•Drive-in Madness (1987)


SLIME CITY LTD VHS – 1989 cult classic about possession features a melting man and plenty of practical FX gore! Bottom load, full color sleeve replica of the original Camp VHS release / Greg Lamberson approved ‘Director’s Cut’ of the film, colored VHS cassettes, SRP $19.99

PSYCHO KICKBOXER LTD VHS – Watch 4x kick-boxing champion Curtis Bush kick some bad-guy butt in this Eerie Comix and Darkman-inspired massacre! Bottom load, full color sleeve featuring new art, Curtis Bush approved ‘Director’s Cut’ of the film, VHS cassettes, SRP $14.99

BABYSITTER MASSACRE –A madman targets scantily clad babysitters in this slice of throw-back awesomeness. Bottom load, full color sleeve featuring original art, Henrique Couto approved ‘Director’s Cut’ of the film, VHS cassettes, SRP $14.99

Other VHS currently available and on hand at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater Event include:
Easter Sunday –    A group of hard partying teenagers set out to raise some hell.  Instead, they raise the DEAD in this film that “plays like something straight out of 1986” – $14.99 (SEE THE EASTER SUNDAY VHS PROMO HERE)

America’s Deadliest Home Video – Limited Collector’s Edition VHS of the original found-footage shocker – lost for 25 years! Package includes bumper sticker, key fob and more! $24.99

Night Terrors – Night Terrors delivers three gore-filled tales of shock and terror!  $14.99

Kill, Granny, Kill! – A flesh-eating Granny and her murderous tribe lure unsuspecting young women into their home! Special edition includes videocassette and poster! $14.99

Scarewaves – In his final night as a radio host, shock jock Amos Satan spins four spine-tingling tales of terror in this anthology of urban legends inspired by Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt. $14.99 (SEE THE SCAREWAVES VHS PROMO HERE)

The Basement –   VHS / DVD 5-Film Collection in an Exclusive VHS Collector’s Package that Includes Classic Early 1980’s Home Video VHS “Big Box” Packaging!  Also Includes the Never-Before-Released 8mm feature, The Basement, on DVD…and VHS. $29.99

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Written by Blacktooth

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