Frontdoor Film Works & Captured Unveil 2 New Promo Posters.

Once you see them, there’s no turning back. Frontdoor Film Works is still remaining tight-tipped in regards to its upcoming horror-thriller Captured, but the log-line gives away some information. I’m still guessing that the film has some sort of supernatural aspect to it that’ll cleverly mix with horror and drama. One thing I do know for certain? Captured will premiere in October 2017, so all of my questions will be answered in four months! I’ll be waiting…

Captured is the next feature film from Johnnard Harper. The writer, director and executive producer previously worked on found footage ghost story Urban Myths and short film Miss Mary Mack. Captured is produced by Kyle Lee, Sergio Leroy, Aaron Wheatley and Randy Garza with cinematography and editing from Derek Huey. Denisha Hardeman, Drew Shotwell, Alexandra Mauro, Bianca Roya and Christopher Hill star.

Peep the two new teaser posters above and below!

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)