Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger

He has been sent to avenge the innocent and punish the guilty. Haunting the dark streets of Cape Noire, he is BROTHER BONES: THE UNDEAD AVENGER.

Tommy Bonello is a hitman for crime boss Topper Wyld. When Wyld orders an attack on his own bordello in order to start a mob war, Tommy and his twin brother Jack jump at the chance. However, when an innocent girl is killed in the crossfire, Tommy is tormented with supernatural visions and nightmares. Fearing for his sanity, Tommy renounces his violent ways and becomes a monk. However, Jack and Topper have other plans…

Action packed and thrilling, Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger provides a rich tapestry of unforgettable characters who explore mature subject matter and dark themes. The concepts of betrayal, redemption, sacrifice, consequence, lust, hatred, and honor resonate throughout the script.

“I feel it is more than an action/horror book,” said writer/co-producer/director Erik Franklin, “there are many nuances and ideas that reflect the human condition, with one of the strongest character arcs I have ever read”.

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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