The MST3K Marathon Continues on Twitch

From the press release:

This week, we launched our our brand-new Shout! Factory TV Twitch channel with a 6-day MST3K marathon. Fans everywhere rejoiced:

There are few joys in this world greater than watching #MST3K on a stream with lots of other people. @ShoutFactoryTV

This @MST3K marathon on #Twitch is helping me remember where good comedy came from. #watchinggreatness

The Twitch chat + MST3K really is a match made in heaven. I’ve actually enjoyed looking at the chat tbh

It’s tough leaving the house to go to work when @Twitch is streaming @MST3K 24/7.

Slowly passing out, but thoroughly enjoying an #MST3K marathon as I do! Thanks @ShoutFactoryTV ! ^-^ !

Now, as the marathon continues, join us on the Shout! Factory TV Twitch channel for more classic MST3K episodes including Boggy Creek IIMonster A-Go-Go and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies. Plus take part in some seriously entertaining MSTie chat.

Finally, be sure to complete your MST3K collection with DVD deals and free shipping offers at during the course of the marathon. It makes an already amazing event just a little bit better.


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