Christian Obando Launches Fundraiser In Support of ‘Scream’ Fan Film.

Remember when we were promised a new Scream trilogy after the release of Scream 4 in 2011? Well, the new movie from Wes Craven failed to match box office expectations and the slew of new movies were canned shortly there-after. In 2015, Mr. Craven brought slashers to MTV with “Scream: The TV Series,” and although it shared the same title, it didn’t feature any of the original characters, locations, or iconic Ghostface mask we all know and love. No surprise that the series has struggled and is receiving a reboot, much abbreviated third season.

And that’s why I love fan films. They allow independent film-makers to keep characters we adore on our computer screens in some form or another. I’d rather see a Scream fan film than have no Scream at all. Christian Obando recently launched an indiegogo campaign in support of his Scream movie that’s aiming at an October 2018 release. He describes the project as a remake, but to me – it looks like it’s expanding on the themes and technological advances that we saw in Scream 4.

The campaign describes the plot as, “A young college student majoring in community psychology begins to receive strange phone calls by a deranged psychopath who awakens a brutal bloodbath.”

Obando adds, “All funds go solely to the production of the film from equipment rentals to actors’ compensation for the project. Not a penny will go towards the distribution of the film due to the fact that Scream and Ghostface are trademarked names strictly protected under the laws of Copyright. We will not be making any profit from the release of the film nor the usage of the trademarked names listed above.”

Watch the incredible, high quality teaser trailer below and then consider donating to the fundraiser here.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN