Captain Catfeesh – Hillbilly Crypto-Punk from the hills of Appalachia

Captain Catfeesh is a Hillbilly Crypto-Punk band from Morgantown, West by god Virginia.

I came across this three piece band a few months back after I attended the premier of The Mothman of Point Pleasant.  While searching pictures on Instagram of the event I came across a photo of the band’s “Monday Night Wars’ shirt.  Most of you know how much I love my state and my love of cryptids is no secret either so I thought I would follow them and check them out late.

Well, I fuckin’ forgot!  That was until I saw a picture of frontman Captain Catfeesh himself with The Burt, Burt Fuckin Reynolds.  After that I decided to check them out.

They have a unique sound which I really enjoy.  Almost like a good mix of Hansil Adkins, Assjack, and Joe Buck Yourself with a crypto spin.  Be sure to check them out and head to their Big Cartel store to grab some gear.  Check them out!


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