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Annabelle: Creation Takes in $35,000,000 During Its Opening Weekend!

Could we have our fourth #1 horror movie of 2017? Split, Get Out and Alien: Covenant have already taken the number one spot at the box office in their debut weeks, but Annabelle: Creation looks destined to join the list of horror movies that came out on top.

Released to 3,502 theaters nationwide by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, the latest film in The Conjuring series is estimated to have grossed $35,040,000 in ticket sales this weekend during its first two days at the box office. The number two movie this weekend, Dunkirk, is behind it by more than $24,000,000 and it seems that Annabelle: Creation is all but poised to take the #1 spot by the all important Friday chart.

This is remarkable for several reasons.

First, Annabelle: Creation has already made back its entire budget, which is listed as $15,000,000 in production and $15,000,000 in media and promotion. It’s already made its backing studios and all of those involved an extra $5,000,000 and all the money earned from here on out will be more inflation in their wallets. The new movie is literally a box office success story after being in theaters for only two days. Secondly, Annabelle: Creation is only $2,000,000 behind the weekend debut of Annabelle in 2014. The first film made $84,000,000 during its run, so it’ll be interesting to see how the sequel holds up.

Top 10 Weekend of August 11-12:
1. Annabelle: Creation – $35,040,000
2. Dunkirk – $11,405,000
3. The Nut Job 2 – $8,934,000
4. The Dark Tower – $7,875,000
5. The Emoji Movie – $6,580,000
6. Girls Trip – $6,520,000
7. Spider Man: Homecoming – $6,100,000
8. Kidnap – $5,225,000
9. The Glass Castle – $4,875,000
10. Atomic Blonde – $4,572,000

Written by MGDSQUAN

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