Real Fan Reactions to Annabelle: Creation Via The Stardust App!

Haven’t seen the new Annabelle movie in cinemas yet? Well, there’s still time. It’s been out less than a week! But, I’m sure there are some of you who are on the fence. I mean, waiting for it to come out on digital HD and video on demand is more easy and convenient. However, nothing beats seeing a scary movie on the big screen with that big, movie-magic screen boom. So far, live viewers are getting a kick out of Annabelle: Creation and you can see some of their reactions in this video from the Stardust App.

A smartphone creation completely revolutionizing reaction content, Stardust allows users to utilize the easy-to-use and free-to-download Stardust mobile phone app to rate and react to the the latest in film and television, and share with their friends. Taken from a previous press release, “Stardust is an interactive environment for all, free from distracting ads and content clutter. Featuring user-generated reaction videos, alongside movie trailers and local cinema showtimes, Stardust is the pre- and post-viewing destination for film and TV buffs.”

Download Stardust on Apple or Android devices by clicking here!

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