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Indie Slasher Film ONE NIGHT OF FEAR UNRATED on Demand

NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND the new indie slasher that has been called “A BLOODY THROWBACK TO THE EARLY DAYS OF GRINDHOUSE CINEMA” One Night Of Fear is a balls to the wall, no apologies,take no prisoners slasher flick starring Suzi Loraine (Pinup Girls On Ice,Bleeding Hearts} Jimmy Dempster (Devious Maids,The Last One) and Jessica Sonneborn (Dorothy and The Witches Of Oz,Dog Eat Dog)

One Night Of Fear is an unabashed slasher flick and it knows exactly what fans of the genre want: some decent characters to root for and violent deaths for most of them.

The story (co-written by director Troxell and Johanna Troxell) is disarmingly simple, like so many of its forebears. Instead the focus is on characterisation with each of the leads given plenty of time to establish their role as the story unfolds. The writing of each character is pretty believable for the most part, and this is echoed in the performances of the main cast members.

Dempster (who bears a not inconsiderable resemblance to WWE wrestler Triple H!) is an extremely likeable and talented leading man and reluctant hero who has nothing but the best intentions and would do anything for his friends. He’s steady, assured and has a natural charisma that I’m sure will serve him well in his future screen outings. him and costar Sonneborn were very believable as a couple and had great screen presence.

Sonneborn is a good-looking woman and a talented actress to boot. As the heroine of the piece she is able to show some versatility, from vulnerability to a harder edge in the tense latter scenes and during her fraught and antagonist exchanges with Lorraine.
Lorraine is clearly having a blast, playing Jaclyn as the selfish victim acting out after a trauma. She’s cutting and sarcastic, all bluster and bravado to cover the terror she’s experiencing. She’s both unlikeable and very entertaining, so you end up rooting for her against your better judgement. Good work, Ms Lorraine.

Another character you can’t help but get behind is Forga’s Elmer. He adds some levity to the otherwise very dark proceedings, plus his character adds a different dynamic. He also manages to deliver some necessary exposition without the film feeling like it grinds to a screeching halt, so kudos there. One Night Of Fear knows exactly what it’s doing and never pretends to be anything else,so if you are into low budget indie horror (and who isn’t) rent or own One Night Of Fear UNRATED now available anytime in HD on Amazon instant video !!!


Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!