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Caroline Williams & Jeremy Saffer Are Selling A Limited, Autographed Print In Support of Hurricane Harvey Victims.

I’ve always said that appearing in horror movies isn’t enough to earn the title of a scream queen. Though, it does help that Caroline Williams has starred in horror hits like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Stepfather II, Leprechaun III, Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, Hatchet III, Tales of Halloween and the upcoming Blood Feast remake. As with any other ruler out there, being a queen boils down to respect of ones self and others, and the legacy that she will leave behind. Caroline Williams is a scream queen because she goes above and beyond for her fans, and in this case she’s going the extra mile to help those in needs. Here’s how you can help this wonderful woman give back to her community.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in The United States on August 25, 2017 and pounded Southeast Texas and South Louisiana with over four feet of water and gusts of winds over 130 miles per hour. When the natural disaster dissipated, over 32,000 people were left without homes and an estimated $70,000,000,000 in damages was accumulated. As of this posting, 66 American citizens are confirmed to be dead and many more are still listed as missing. Hurricane Harvey is one of the worst tropical storms in United States history.

Now, Caroline Williams has partnered with Jeremy Saffer for a fundraiser aimed at those experiencing loss in Texas. The duo are releasing autographed prints of the photo pictured above to give back to ransacked communities, primarily in Houston. As a native of the beautiful city, Williams says:

“One of the great gifts of my life was growing up in Houston, Texas. Going to grade school, junior high & high school in Houston. Falling in love with music there. Beginning my acting career at Chris Wilson’s Studio For Actors. And going back home every year to see my mother and sister. When my hometown hurts, my heart hurts, too. Jeremy Saffer and I are offering a limited edition print that shows how much this Texas girl loves Houston. All sales/proceeds go to helping those effected by Hurricane Harvey. Texans are a resilient, individual, strong and positive people. They are accountable and enthusiastic. Houston has met these challenges before, and will again. Until then, The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You.”

The autographed print featured above shows Ms. Williams paying homage to her role as Stretch in iconic horror sequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II. Williams and Saffer will be donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of this print to two charities that are currently on the ground, working to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. 50% of the proceeds will go to the food bank and the other 50% will go to the humane society. Your purchases will literally go to helping both souls in need, human and animal.

The autographed print will run until September 27, 2017 and will ship the first week of October. By donating an extra $5, you can have Caroline’s autograph personalized to you.

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