“The Devil In Me’ trailer premiere

From the press release:

Sugar Hell Productions is a small D.I.Y. “Arthouse” half based in Seattle, WA & the other half in Los Angeles, CA. Ideas & directions float in from partners Sam Hel & Alexis Rousseau in Seattle to videographer & editor A. Baez, to help create or finalize the short ideas. In both cities these productions take place.

Sugar Hell Productions, mainly focuses on exploitation short movies with experimental, horror and/or erotic elements. With ideas coming from all three creators, they’re hints of inspiration from Richard Kern, E. Elias Merhige’s ‘Begotten’, Vince Roth & Mick Nards, John Waters & David Lynch and many more unheard of short experimental & exploitation movies.

The main idea coming from SHP is using these shorts & the sale of physical copies, is to make more oddball short movies, but to also help those that we can. The art made by us here at SHP is meant to deliver more than just entertainment, shock or pure cinematic adventure, but to use the money that comes in to do our part & give it to those in need.

With the purchases of our work at, a portion of all sales will be donated to homeless, disease research & helping victims in need. So by supporting us you fund more insane uncensored adventures, but you also, help those that can’t help themselves. Please join in to try & turn this world around with even the little amount we ask for, it can & will make a difference. If it’s just one person we help through or because of our art , it will be worth it.

Starring Lola E.

Written by Sam Hel
Directed by Alexis Rousseau
Edited by A. Baez & Sam Hel

Associate produced by Bill Fors

Executive Produced by Sam Hel & Alexis Rousseau

DVD copies are limited to 50 copies made for sale at $10 (+S&H):

Become an associate producer and get some awesome shit & your name on the movie & on

Proof of our donations will always be made available at our facebook page:

For more information please visit our collective website:

Written by Blacktooth

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