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10/31 Releases Teaser Trailer, Launches Finishing Funds Campaign.

The creators of , Bonejangles, The Dooms Chapel Horror and the producer of the Volumes of Blood franchise present the latest in pure terror, 10/31.

Grammy award winning musician Rocky Gray brings you a brand new horror anthology full of masked killers, lurking beasts and madness all candy coated in a crimson macabre. Halloween has never been scarier.

10/31 is currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign. Here’s an exerpt from the page:

“Our film 10/31 is in the final stages of production. It has been shot and edited with a few exceptions and thats one of the reasons why we need your help. One of the challenges is that some of the scenes include visual effects that we couldn’t pull off on our own so we have to outsource those pieces. Another challenge is a few of the segments need to be color graded so we have to hire a couple colorists so we can get everything wrapped up for the October release. It can be done with your help.”

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)