Halloween II & Halloween III shirts, socks, enamel pins & more from Fright-Rags

Whether you prefer Michael Myers or Silver Shamrock, Fright-Rags has something for all fans of the Halloween franchise with the Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch collections.

They feature a whopping eight shirts – four from each film – including classic poster artwork, brand new designs, and art styled after vintage advertisements. The poster designs are also available on Fright-Rags’ custom black and orange baseball tees.
Eight new enamel pins are available as well. There are five Halloween II enamel pins, including a depiction of Nurse Jill’s death scene with sliding action. All three of Halloween III’s killer masks have been turned into enamel pins, each housed in a miniature mask box.
Always thinking outside the box, Fright-Rags has recreated Budd’s Haddonfield Memorial Hospital uniform from Halloween II as a zip-up hoodie. Complete the outfit with pairs of Halloween II and Halloween III socks, each featuring the respective movie’s masks.

Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch collections are on sale now at All items are in stock and ready to ship except the baseball tees, which are pre-order. The clock is ticking!
Halloween fans will want to keep an eye on Fright-Rags in the coming weeks, as they’ll be unveiling new merchandise from John Carpenter’s classic.

Written by Blacktooth

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