IT Crossed The $300 Million Threshold This Weekend.

IT continues to be a dominating force at the box office even as it heads into its fifth week of release. Still screening in 3,605 theaters across the nation, IT was the #3 movie this weekend and it took in $9,655,000 in ticket sales. The remake’s current box office total is $304,933,000 in The United States with $298,000,000 made in foreign territories. As a recap, according to Box Office Mojo, IT is now the #1 Horror R Rated movie of all time, the #1 Supernatural R Rated movie of all time, and the #6 biggest release of 2017 so far. In addition, it’s the most lucrative Stephen King adaption, the most lucrative film from Vertical Entertainment, and boasts the most lucrative opening weekend in September and the most lucrative opening of the Fall season.

And, here’s how other films did this weekend. I guess.

1 Blade Runner 2049 – $31,250,000
9 Flatliners – $3,800,000 (Total: $12,329,000)
14 mother! – $360,000 (Total: $17,269,000)
25 Friend Request – $25,000 (Total: $3,646,000)
30 Super Dark Times – $2,200 (Total: $29,000)
36 47 Meters Down – $400 (Total: $44,303,000)

**Figures are not adjusted for inflation. 

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN