Acid Bath (Review)

Only the insane will survive

Director(s) – Lou Garcia (Cannibal Maniac) and Annette Martinez (Rhine Maidens)
Starring – Linda Amistad, Mike Bilodeau, and Eric Campos
Release Date – 2006
Rating – 3/5

I haven’t had much time to myself between work, preparing my home for winter (living in West Virginia can be rough this time of year), and my family life.  Store hours have fluctuated causing me to spend even more time away from home which sucks considering the amount of movies I have to review and the fact the wife got me Ark: Survival Evolved and Call of Duty: WWII to play.  In between everything going on the last few days I was able to work in a first time watch for me.

A long time ago, longer than I would care to acknowledge, Wild Eye sent over the no budget splatter flick Acid Bath to review.  Wild Eye and me have an understanding that I may not be quick to review but I will eventually review it.  Once again I want to thank Wild Eye for hooking me up with another messing indie flick!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a group of working girls who find their numbers dwindling as of late as a serial killer stalks the streets at night killing anyone offer up joys of the flesh.  Any hooker he kills her dissolves their body in an acid bath.  Now the hookers are joining together in hopes of bringing this madman’s bloody rampage to an end.**Spoiler Alert**

You have to understand what you are getting yourself into when you toss in a Wild Eye: Raw film.  Wild Eye’s Raw label is their no budget indie releases.  No budget does not equal bad.  In most cases it just means they are good films but the quality isn’t there.  Acid Bath is the perfect example of this.  The crew had a lot of obstacles to overcome due to not having a budget but they were still able to piece together a solid flick.

The acting in this one is rough.  I’ve seen my fair share of indie films over the years ranging from budgets of $10 to several thousand and this one isn’t the worst but there is so much room for improvement.

The story for this one is simple and reminds me of a few S.O.V. I can recall several S.O.V. slashers that followed prostitutes being murdered.  That makes for a rather bloody but simple story.  Acid Bath is no exception except it was bloodier than the others.  The film does quickly get to the red stuff but the story is somewhat weak between each death scene.  It almost feels like the film was written around the death scenes which is fine.  The film still works.

Finally, the film is full of gory goodness.  The film has several splatter scenes for you gorehounds out there.  The effects are fun but you can quickly see the film’s budget in them.  I really enjoyed what I saw and I’m a little distraught by the cast and crews lack of imdb credits.  Their imagination and creativity would have went a long way with the experience they took away from this film.  Would love to see them tackle another flick.

Overall, Acid Bath is not a perfect movie.  In fact, it is far from perfect as you can get but it does what many big budget flicks cant do and that’s entertain.  The effects are fun and the story is sleazy so what more can you ask for?  Check it out.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.