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Death Metal – Horror Comedy Short

Death Metal is a practical effects driven horror-comedy short film about a metalhead who inherits a Satanic guitar that riffs to shreds. It premiered at Fantasia in 2016 and went on to play 100+ film festivals including Sitges and Fantastic Fest.

Death Metal is written and directed by Chris McInroy (Bad Guy #2). And produced by Berndt Mader, Ben Steinbauer, Veronica Leon, Denny Phillips and Kris Phipps. Special effects were done by Eric Zapata, who was on 2 seasons of Face Off. McInroy’s newest short film, We Summoned A Demon, just started playing film festivals and his next project is writing and directing a segment for the upcoming horror anthology Scare Package.

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!