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A Message from the Borley Team: “Divinity Pictures in association with Greenway Entertainment was created to produce unique and powerful stories that have never been told before. The story of Borley is well known by many, and we are committed to telling it as accurately and truthfully as possible, but with a approach that is budget restrictive. To do this, we really need your help to top up the budget with some money in place already and distribution worldwide agreed. We require this extra amount to support the film and give opportunities for fans to get involved. If we exceed our crowdfunding target, that extra money will be directed towards improving the film’s production value. We are passionate about the story, our script and our idea for the film. You can be a part of making this dream a reality and translating this disturbing tale into a cinematic success. We really appreciate any support that you can give, and thanks again for visiting our page!”

The Story: Located in a remote part of Victorian England and isolated from any nearby community, Borley Rectory was a Gothic-style mansion with a long history of death, murder and the supernatural. Though famed as the most haunted house in England, this is a tale that – incredibly – has never before been told on film in its true account. When world famous ‘ghosthunter‘ and paranormal researcher Harry Price gets a chance to investigate a series of strange occurrences at the rectory, he seizes the opportunity to study the infamous house. But who is on his side and who is not? Amid the intrigue of Marianne and Lionel Foyster’s unconventional relationship and rising public angst, Price prepares to launch his experiments and solve the case. However, soon after his arrival, everyone linked to the rectory begins to face terrifying ordeals. Price, who has a history of ill-health and a burning desire to be revered, is the clear focus of a very bitter and twisted ghostly presence. Unexpectedly, and with tragic consequences, Price finds himself the scapegoat for a brutal crime committed many years ago. But what is real and what is not? Can Marianne be trusted, or does she see this as her opportunity for the success, freedom and celebrity she has always craved? In investigating Borley, his last project before he retires, has Price gone too far? As the tension builds inside the rectory and the anger of the local residents outside, who or what will prevail?”

The Haunting of Borley Rectory
is scheduled to roll camera in the UK in 2018. It has already secured UK and Ireland distribution through High Fliers Films. This pairing was made possible due to the massive success of Steven M. Smith’s last feature, The Doll Maker, which was put on DVD through the company. Smith will serve as writer, director and producer on The Haunting of Borley Rectory. Other producers include Jon-Paul Gates, Hans Hernke and Jason Harlow. Announced cast members include Gates, Hernke, Matthew Fizthomas Rogers and Elizabeth Saint. Elizabeth is an accomplished actress and real-life ghost hunter who can currently be found on Destination America’s hit show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

The Haunting of Borley Rectory has started an Indiegogo campaign, and is hoping to raise $5,000 in the next two months. By donating to the fundraiser, you can earn yourself a social media shout out, a digital copy of the poster, a digital download of the completed film, a DVD of the completed film – signed by the cast and crew, a skype call with director Steven M. Smith, a visit to the set – including lunch with the cast and crew, special thanks credit, associate producer credit, producer credit, executive producer credit, and a walk on role – featuring one line of dialogue.

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Written by Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)